Food Labelling Guide

There is no other cesspool in marketing more murky than the ill-defined and mostly misunderstood world of food labelling. It was Pandora’s box for the food industry, and once opened it unleashed a fire storm of misnomers.

We could spend a lifetime combing through science and theory and opinion as to what a label means and what that label means for your health.

In one short sentence, let me sum it up: money.

A label means premium. Premium to the producer (the smallest), premium paid by the consumer (the largest).

I believe valiantly in consumer education. So this will be the quick reference guide to understanding food labels. As new labels are added the links within this page will grow. If you have questions about things you have seen, ask. It is our given responsibility as advocates for consumers and food to help you understand.

Disclaimer: I like science. It is my jam. These fact sheets will represent direct language from the legal standards around food labelling. As well, I will share unscrupulous behavior to watch out for. I want to make you an informed consumer.


Organic: There are four tiers of organic production: 100% organic, Organic, Made with Organic, and Organic Ingredients. There are exemptions from the certification process. Read more here…