The recipe calls for two teaspoons of butter, churned from the cream of a cow named Bessie by a fresh faced, barefoot virgin. If you can’t find virgin churned butter, store bought will work. But did you hear that store bought butter has been linked to everything from spontaneous masturbation to rectal cancer?

Give me a break. I am Kate. The Meat Lady. I love food and my thighs will tell you I love eating too. But one thing plagues me: food marketing. Well two things: food marketing and food shows.

It is a multi-billion dollar business. Food trends would have you believe some pseudo-science, but consumer purchasing proves that just because it is trendy—doesn’t mean we are all buying into the hype. Celebrities publish cook books with ingredients I can’t find on this continent, nonetheless my local grocery store. Sure Giada, I’d love to use an over-pronounced exotic cheese, but in Iowa I don’t have that option and even if I did drive 45 miles to find it…I don’t want to pay $25/lbs for it.

In between organic lettuce and free range eggs, we have to buy school clothes and pay the mortgage. We can’t all eat like Gwyneth Paltrow because some of us live in the real world.

On the other end of the spectrum: obesity is an epidemic. Hunger is an epidemic. How many of us are nutritionally deficient even though we may be full? Cheap food is sometimes empty food. Are we getting the nutrition we need when we are surrounded by food?

This site is meant to be a resource. A tool to understand food marketing, resources to eat food you can afford and food that taste as good as it may or may not be for you. (Life is short, eat dessert.)

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